Saturday, January 12, 2008


So this blog is for Obama supporters, so that we can meet and talk and share. It is only January, but it is going to be an intense winter and spring. Hillary is a game player, and I don't mean that in a nice way. So I created this blog as a place that we can talk, strategize and also gather and Dream of Change. So if you have ideas and hopes this is the place to bring them....We should have hope, this is a Fire that has not been lit since 1968. Tell me your thoughts, and if you want to be a member of this blog's team. 
( The photo is from Fall it is in Oakland, I have no idea of how many people were gathered to hear Obama, but we did not get to see photos like this in the press. I also want to post YouTubes of interviews, lines and meetings that we won't find on MSM or Cspan.)

The Audacity of Hope....

Have you read Obama's Book the Audacity of Hope ? It is amazing, it will make you take a deep breath and focus on What you want  in the Future. He explains WHO he is and WHAT he wants to bring back to America. He remembers we have a Constitution....He remembers WE THE PEOPLE. If you have read it, share your thoughts and what chapters moved you.

***{ I wrote over at, "Why Obama matters to So Many " on January 7th, and above the Title is linked to a condensed version of his 2004 Dem Convention Speech, it is so stirring ....}***

Our Time is Now, Yes, We Can.....

The Crowds grew and grew over these past monthes, and this past month it was an was a Wave of Excitement. And now he is in Nevada and South Carolina and the heat is one....SOMETHING IS HAPPENING HERE.....And it does feel like 1968, there is a fire spreading across this Land. Suddenly we are allowed to speak of Martin Luther King and John F.Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy. After 7 years of Hell we are allowed to Dream ...again.

If you get to an event please write to us about it, we want to hear about it...Share , Spread the Hope.